My Financial Planning Week

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You might think that I spend my week organising mortgages, recommending savings accounts, advising on the impact of interest rate rises or anything else related to finance but there’s so much more to what I do. In fact, you’d be entirely wrong if you thought that being a financial advisor is just about money! This…

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To Round Up 2022

2022 balloons

So here we are again – the end of another year is in sight, and I just can’t believe that it’s already Christmas time!  The months really do fly, and with that I thought it was worthwhile to sign off the year by giving the readers of Professional Adviser a brief Interface Financial Planning update.…

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Michaela’s Story – From Zero to Hero!

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It upsets me greatly when I hear of Financial Advisors turning less fortunate people away when they ask for help.  They seem to believe that because the person who’s asking for help has no money, they aren’t worth helping!  They seem to forget that we all started out that way.  I have always taken a…

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Daphne’s Story – It’s About Lighting that Torch!

lighting the torch

Daphne came to my office for her first meeting just about 15 years ago. She’d had a successful career and a relationship “Down South” but the failing health of her mother had brought her back to her hometown, Birmingham to act as her mother’s carer for her last couple of years.  A Time of Change…

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A Life Lesson

grass blown by wind at the sea

Lately, I think I’ve experienced a type of “burn-out”. Starting at 6.00am every morning and working 7 days a week has recently proved too much for me, especially at my age!  The problem that I find is when you’re working from home, the temptation to just carry-on working (because you can) is too much. Unfortunately,…

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The Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

mature couple

In the last piece that I wrote I stressed the importance of you writing a Will, (if you haven’t seen it, click here). Today, I want to talk about an even more important document – your Lasting Powers of Attorney. You see, I think that your LPA (that’s the shortened version of its name) is…

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How Excited Are You About Life?

flower in rocks

I’m feeling rather excited today – how about you? How’s life with you? Actually, this blog is about “life” and what you can do to really make the most of it. My name is Emma Crossick and I discovered that Alan is doing some super work in helping people to have more “exciting”, fulfilling lives.…

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