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If you’ve read my blogs, listened to my podcasts, seen my videos or spent some time perusing the information on my website, you might have guessed that I’m quite a philosophical person.  If this is your first experience reading one of my blogs, then do read the others!  I believe they’re quite good fun – and they are extremely informative too, with an abundance of financial advice.  

Philosophy is important to me and it underpins my business. I have a thirst for knowledge, I like to learn new things or read different opinions, it expands my outlook and makes me think.  I’m an avid reader and have extensive literature on my bookshelves, about a multitude of subjects, particularly history – and finance of course.  I use that information to guide others and by combining my knowledge with my love for helping others, I’ve perhaps accidentally created an invaluable formula when it comes to my style of financial planning.  My philosophical formula is a combination of information, helping others, teamwork and what you give out is what you get back.

Information is King!

Information is one of the keys. Intelliflo regularly ask me to speak to other Financial Advisors in the UK, they know that I will always give an honest opinion and I’m prepared to part with…you guessed it…information! Interestingly enough, I get lots of IFA’s approaching me to ask for advice.  I take it as a compliment – and always tell them that much of what I do to help others is churning out useful information, whether it’s through my blog, my podcast, my videos or on my website.  That information is read by so many people, from all walks of life and in all different financial situations. When other IFA’s hear this – they’re surprised!  It’s not their approach!  Heck, they’re not about to throw out free advice!  They’ll give advice when someone’s signed on the dotted line…  That’s just not the way I work, and I know I’ve got it right.  

I’ve got it right because I’m “too” busy.  It’s the downside to using the information part of my philosophy though, and I’m loathe to use the word downside – but I can’t think of another to replace it!  For the first time in a while, I’ve had to turn people away and as someone who loves helping people, I hate saying no.  I still have my regular clients along with my old clients (who come back to me from time to time) and I’m very often recommended through word of mouth.  Then there’s the interest I generate through my website, because of all the information on there!  

A few days ago, I even had a lead generation company contact me trying to sell their services.  When I said I wasn’t looking for help generating work, they were rather surprised!  It’s because what we do at Interface is different to other Financial Planners.  It uses that philosophy of mine – you can never share too much information; it helps others understand their finances and plan properly.  To know where they are with their finances and see a pathway to where they want to be, taking on-board what’s important to them.  So, thank goodness for that information. It’s there for everyone – it works and when I’m too busy, I still know I am helping others.

There’s always new information to upload too.  Last week, an old client of mine got in touch.  He used to live in Birmingham but moved to Massachusetts in the USA, a while back.  He has a pension in the UK but he’s not coming back here so he asked what he can do with it.  After a good old chinwag, I put my financial hat on, looked at what expats can do with pensions in the UK and shortly, you’ll find all the information you need on my website!  It gives me a buzz to get that information out there for you.  That’s why I enjoy blogging, podcasting and videoing.

The Upside to the Downside!

With every downside, there’s an upside though.  I do have some good news I want to share that will eventually balance my busy diary. My son Tom (a Trainee Financial Planner) passed yet another exam last week, with flying colours!  He’s more than halfway through to being an authorised Financial Planner and Adviser.  This in itself is superb progress for the business because by the end of the year, he should be fully qualified and I hope to have him on-board, ready to take on the clients that I don’t have enough hours in the day for.

What You Give Out Comes Back!

This is another part of my philosophy. I believe that’s a great little motto.  My team and my business give out a lot and it comes back to us.  People thank Interface for caring and helping, genuine, touching messages flood into my in-box.  While I set out on my journey as a Financial Planner to help people and not to make money, the reality is, the more I help people, the more Interface’s bottom line swells, proving that what you give out really does come back!

Teamwork and Inspiring Others

Teamwork is another aspect of my philosophy.  I have an incredible team and most of the people involved are outsourced. Jo Morgan, one of my team, was chatting to me last week and she told me that she really enjoys working for Interface (more than any of her other clients), as she feels part of a team, she’s able to exchange ideas and get involved with direct client work.  There’s a real camaraderie at Interface!  Everyone works together.  I let the team get on with it, believing if you have the right people in the right place, then give them the freedom and responsibility to do the work.  I use that part of my philosophy to inspire others too.  

I’d love to know what your philosophy is, if you have one, or the things that inspire and motivate you too – perhaps you have some information that you know I’d like to read about? I’m in a reflective mood at the moment, how did I get here? It’s a nice place to be.

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