Thank you to our clients for logging in and updating their information

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Thank you to our clients for logging in and updating their information

I want to start this month’s newsletter with a Thank You. My thanks go to all of the clients who have updated, amended, and added, their information when they are logged into their account on The Personal Finance Portal.

In previous missives you have heard me talk about the plethora of regulations that have been brought in during 2018. One of the regulatory requirements is that we have to maintain and display up to date information for all of our clients. This requires a two-way engagement where we need your help. For the last six months or so we have been updating your data that we have access to, but we need our clients to log in and add or amend information about themselves. To help you we have prepared a guide which you can find in the Adviser Documents section called: ‘PFP Profile – adding and updating your information’. Please take a look and let us know how you get on.

Unfortunately for some this request is a more serious matter than simply filling the boxes for us to provide you with sound advice. A dear client died last month, and we were the first place that his Executors they came to for details of his assets, investments, bank accounts, house insurance, and so on. Fortunately, he had been very thorough so that were able to provide details of accounts that were no longer in place as well as those that were. In the past I have seen examples where solicitors spend months going through carrier bags full of information only to find that a large proportion of it was redundant. Please give it some thought.

Educational Resources

Our website gained the addition of an ‘Educational Resources’ section this month. Our vision of providing a website which is your first source for information on financial topics is making progress. In the guides section you will find eleven guides available and another three are ready to go live by the end of the month. Our program adds one guide a month with the current schedule going into 2020 so keep coming back to take a look. You can read the guides on screen or download them as a pdf and read them later.

The ‘Educational Videos’ section has seventeen live videos on a range of topics from ‘Investing for Income’ to ‘Making Your Will’. Another three are waiting to go live and another two are in the early stages of development.

The section ‘A Complete Guide to Making Your Will’ has been developed with material supplied via my membership of The Society of Will Writers. There are brief guides about property ownership, guardians, reviewing your Will, and Lasting Power of Attorney. Even if you have a Will in place your Executors will need to know what you have and how to get access to it so please use this opportunity to make a comprehensive record on The Portal.

Using our website and our online service we have a vision of making financial advice available to all and we are being noticed. On the first of this month Cathy who works with Paul Armson of Inspiring Advisers said:

“Your website performs as an educational tool for your clients, rather than just an advertising space for your service. I love that perspective”.

The following week the presenter at a Nucleus Financial Seminar said: “if you want to see one of the best IFA websites talk to Alan Moran sitting over there.”

And last week a well-established IFA firm offered to engage me for a consultancy saying that: “Interface is so far in front it would take us years to catch up.” I have politely declined their offer because it would take my eye off the ball. It’s nice to be noticed but really it is all about you.


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