Michaela’s Story – From Zero to Hero!

Child in cape running along beach

It upsets me greatly when I hear of Financial Advisors turning less fortunate people away when they ask for help.  They seem to believe that because the person who’s asking for help has no money, they aren’t worth helping!  They seem to forget that we all started out that way.  I have always taken a…

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Meet Fred – A Windrush Success Story!

This is an interesting story about Fred, who’d come over from Jamaica on the Windrush when he was a teenager.  As you can imagine, he arrived with absolutely nothing and yet he’d manage to build up a significant investment portfolio independently with very little advice.  When he contacted me, he had recently retired and wanted…

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The secret to becoming wealthy – bypass the banks!

freedom from banks

Why do the rich just seem to get richer? It’s a fact that money makes money and a key reason for this is due to compound interest. It may sound like financial jargon but the way it works is simple. When you set up a savings plan, after a set amount of time you usually…

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