Costs and Value, providing value to our clients

Birmingham UK Library

This week I’ve noticed a common theme and something that I’m not overly-happy about!  I’ve been having a number of conversations about client fees, and I must admit that I am mildly irritated by it. Only yesterday I was in a discussion with a well-known investment platform.  The platform is considering implementing a minimum fee…

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The Value of Listening

Large Ears Listening on Elhers Deer

I often talk about values and that’s because to me, they’re enormously important.  Everyone has values, if you don’t know what yours are, why not create your list? Once you’re in the flow, you’ll find you continue to add things to it!  One very important value to me is listening and I’ll tell you why…

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The Interface Philosophy Formula

Philosophy Statue - The Thinker

If you’ve read my blogs, listened to my podcasts, seen my videos or spent some time perusing the information on my website, you might have guessed that I’m quite a philosophical person.  If this is your first experience reading one of my blogs, then do read the others!  I believe they’re quite good fun –…

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Making the right choices

team & compassionate finance

It seems that we are constantly being asked to make choices about our behaviour: whether to use plastic bags, how to relate to others, which paper to buy, where to shop, who to support in whatever cause, and who knows we may soon have to decide whether to buy chlorinated chicken. There are some of…

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