Zara’s Story – Managing the Money You Have

Piggy Bank savings

Managing the Money You Have Today, I’m going to tell you about Zara and while her story is of course, personal, you might find some of it relates to you, if you are in, or have been in, a similar situation.  Now Zara’s story wasn’t a unique situation and I’d seen it before, but I…

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Love and money

Couple discussing finances (1)

Couples reveal they’re poles apart Most couples hate talking about money and find it a hard subject to discuss. However, while it may not seem like the most romantic topic, if you don’t talk about what you each want from your finances and how to manage your money, it’s likely to result in more friction…

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Stupid Things People Do With Money

Woman spending money online

Now this is a really important subject.  I’m not talking about losing crisp, fresh notes when you’ve been to the cashpoint.  Perhaps absent-mindedly not taking them with you because you’ve been busy concentrating on other things (although that’s incredibly annoying). Or dropping loose notes into an unzipped handbag because you think you’ll put them in…

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