Peter’s Story – Getting Out of a Mountain of Debt

mountain of debt

Here’s a moving story about my client Peter.  Peter is a client very close to my heart and I am delighted to say that I’ve managed to make a huge difference to Peter’s life.  His own story is an emotional one, a real rollercoaster and he’s had many challenges to overcome.  Yet, despite those challenges,…

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Michaela’s Story – From Zero to Hero!

Child in cape running along beach

It upsets me greatly when I hear of Financial Advisors turning less fortunate people away when they ask for help.  They seem to believe that because the person who’s asking for help has no money, they aren’t worth helping!  They seem to forget that we all started out that way.  I have always taken a…

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Tim and Lillian – Planning for the Unexpected

slinky - flexible financial plans

When I first met Tim in February 1999, he needed financial advice.  He was introduced to me by another client and had never visited a Financial Adviser before, but he felt it was time to organise his finances and plan for the future.  Tim was married to Lillian (who he brought to our first meeting)…

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Building an investment portfolio

A man considering how to create wealth

4 steps for future wealth creation in your mid-20s to mid-30s Investing can be challenging for anyone, but for those in their mid-20s to mid-30s, it can be especially daunting to build a portfolio – especially while paying off student loans, credit card debt and establishing some savings. The reality is that people should start…

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Stupid Things People Do With Money

Woman spending money online

Now this is a really important subject.  I’m not talking about losing crisp, fresh notes when you’ve been to the cashpoint.  Perhaps absent-mindedly not taking them with you because you’ve been busy concentrating on other things (although that’s incredibly annoying). Or dropping loose notes into an unzipped handbag because you think you’ll put them in…

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It’s an incredible shrinking world!

Toblerone UK

It was two fingers from Cadburys when they reduced the weight of their Chocolate Fingers packs in 2015 and official figures show a whopping 2,500 products have shrunk in size but not in price since 2012! Labelled as “shrinkflation” by the Office for National Statistics, their research shows products from chocolate bars to toilet rolls…

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