Proper financial planning is not about investments and pensions…

Financial Planning Overview

…It is about whether you will have enough money to live the life that you want without ever running out of money.

I was delighted to launch my ‘Bucket’ video on the 24th of June and judging by reactions from clients who have already listened to it I have hit the right spot.

To watch simply click the link Bucket Video and sit back and relax. It takes about 10 minutes and it will be time well spent.

This is my first venture into making videos, it’s taken me about six months from concept to production, and I am delighted with the result, I hope that you like it.

Many of you will have seen me give my explanation of what real financial planning looks like when you have attended meetings in my office. Using the video, I wanted to move from me and my flip chart to something that you could listen to at any time.

The video was prepared by Lark Ismail under my direction and the script with the help of my friend Paul Armson. The voice-over you will recognise: my wife paid me the compliment of saying that I sounded like Richard Burton who is one of her heroes, which is probably a little over the top, but I was glad of her compliment anyway.

Inspired by our success we are now working on our next video which should be released within the next two months.

There is a lot of great stuff happening at Interface and this would have filled another newsletter on its own, but I think that celebrating the release of our video is enough for this month. I will keep you in anticipation of more exciting news next month.

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