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"Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it"

-Benjamin Franklin

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"Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants"


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"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend"

- Laertius Diogenes

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"The glow of one warm thought is to be worth than money."

-Thomas Jefferson

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"I don't care too much for money for money can't buy me love"

- The Beatles

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"Simple, genuine goodness is the best capital to found the business of this life upon. It lasts when fame and money fail, and it is the only riches we can take out this world with us."

-Louisa May Alcott, Little Men

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"And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing."

-St. Paul

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"Not he who has much is rich but he who gives much"

-Erich Fromm

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"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans"

-John Lennon

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"I pity that man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth shall starve in the process"

-Benjamin Harrison

Our Online Help System

Setting Your Life Goals and Getting Your Finances In Order

online finance systems


We live in an increasingly online world where much can be done online however some things will always require human interaction. For the things that need special attention nothing can match a face to face meeting where you can receive the personal touch.

When we started advising clients in 1990, we were in a very different world where emails and the internet did not exist. The most that you could hope for from your financial adviser was a once a year financial review and communications by letter or by fax in the interim. Today we live in an increasingly complex world where you need answers quickly and on an ongoing basis. Using our online services combined with meetings when required enables us to provide you with this service continually and cost effectively.

Our aim is to use technology to enhance our client relationships and not to replace them. Using technology makes us more accessible and not less and it enables us to be open and transparent where you can interact and see everything in your file at any time of day or night. We believe that we are a leader the field in providing comprehensive online advice and that no other firm is using technology in this way.

We are passionate that good independent advice should be available to all and our online service is our contribution to that vision. The efficiency of technology allows us to help clients that other firms might have to turn away. For example, we are currently preparing a case for our website of someone who came to us ten years ago with no investments and now has a portfolio of five figures. Our online advice system has made it possible for her to obtain the ongoing advice that she required that unfortunately she would have had difficulty in obtaining from a traditional adviser firm or if offered would have been too expensive.

We believe that our online service provides all users with something of real value and this service is available to anyone. While it is a prerequisite that clients who come to us for financial advice subscribe to the portal you do not have to be an actively engaged client to use this service.


Our online service provides all clients with:

  • Access to our extensive range of financial guides with a continually expanding library

  • Access to our educational and instructional videos

  • Access to a range of financial calculators including income tax calculator, savings projections, inheritance tax calculator, long-term care cost calculator, and many others

  • A monthly E-newsletter subscription about financial matters and topics that we believe that are important and we think that you should be aware of

  • You can review and receive advice regarding your household and other general insurances with a few simple clicks

  • For clients interested in Ethical Investment you are encouraged to complete our online Ethical Investment Questionnaire and read our Ethical Investment Guide. We are members of The Ethical Investment Association and we can use resources such as Ethical Screening to provide you with guidance

  • At any time of your choosing you can access our client care policies which explains our ethos and our client engagement documents including our terms of business and fee schedule


Standard Service
Individual rate £10 a month
Couples rate £15 a month*


  • You get a personal, highly secure, online account, where your can manage your finances and obtain financial information.
  • Your online account allows you to link and view all of your investments, shares, bank accounts, credit cards, and mortgages.
  • You can list all assets, liabilities, income, and expenditure. Using this service, you are able to keep a complete and for the most part an automatically updating record.
  • You can create budgets and monitor each specific area of your spending. You can set savings and investment goals. You can receive insights and flags at a frequency of your choosing. This system puts you in control.
  • You are helped and encouraged to build a comprehensive Legacy File for your Executors, your Attorneys, and your Beneficiaries, where they can obtain everything that they need at the appropriate time.
  • Document Store allows you to view, download, and upload documents securely 24/7. You can use this Document Store as a storage area for your financial documents or any personal documents of your choosing. You decide whether to share these documents with your financial adviser or not – this is in your control.
  • By choosing to share this information with your financial adviser you are able to obtain personalised financial advice quickly, and efficiently, and at a much lower cost than traditional advice.
  • Our clients are able to view all investments, pensions, and insurances that are held under our agency. These are updated automatically whenever this facility is available from the providers.
  • You have ongoing access to advice via your personal online portal. You can submit questions or upload paperwork at any time and receive answers within our service standard of 3 working days, or within 1 working day if urgent.
  • You are able to send messages to and receive messages from us in a 100% secure environment. Messages are permanently stored, and they cannot be deleted by you or by us. This means that unlike emails which can be lost or deleted they can be tracked and referred to whenever you want to.
  • You can log in to FinaMetrica and assess or re-assess your financial risk profile at any time. While you are logged in you can use the resources provided to learn about financial risk and develop your understanding of where you are on the financial risk scale.
  • You have access to our document library which contains your engagement information such as terms of business, our data protection policy, and so on. This is always available so that you do not have to store it elsewhere.
  • Using our Experian account, we can provide you with your ‘Confirmation of Verification of Identity’ certificate and full CVI results report.
  • All clients are provided with open access to their live ‘paperwork’ file. We are fully transparent and provide 24/7 access to all their documentation.
  • Funeral Planning is an area that people often like to put off. We encourage and help you to complete your planning so that you give comprehensive help for those that you leave behind. From experience we know that they will be grateful that your wishes are known and understood.
  • For those clients who want to conduct some self-investment you have access to our online regulated investment advice service at very low cost (known as automated or Robo Advice).


Enhanced Service
Individual rate £25 a month
Couples rate £40 a month*

You receive all of the Standard Services plus;

  • You can book a screen sharing appointment or a telephone appointment at any time and discuss any topic where you think we can help.
  • You can book a face to face financial review meeting (usually annually but can be more often if required).
  • On request you can receive an investment and pension fund analysis and a comparison with appropriate benchmarks. This will show the characteristics of your Portfolio including diversification, risk, volatility, investment performance, individual fund comparison, and a comparison with your chosen benchmark.
  • You can receive a personal protection review whenever required which can include life assurance, critical illness, income protection, and house insurance.
  • You have the option to request online access to your life time cash flow model with alternative ‘What if’ scenarios. This will normally include planning and discussion though you are able to create scenarios yourself if you wish.
  • You are encouraged to use our unique Life Goals system of life planning, goal setting, life balance, and values assessment – ‘your life online’. We work with you to assist with your life planning and ensure that your life goals and your financial goals work hand in hand.
  • Clients who want to explore their life planning using the renowned Kinder Institute of Life Planning on line ‘Life Planning for You’ are provided with their account.
  • You can receive tax advice and receive our tax return preparation and submission service for no additional cost.
  • We will help you prepare your Will and review your current Will arrangements (charge included in your monthly fee). Your Will and your Legacy File are coordinated so that your Will and your Assets are both recorded together.
  • Our HM Land Registry account provides you with access to the Title Deeds and plan to your property

* Payable by direct debit with no long-term commitment. For couples the charge depends on your circumstances and will be mutually agreed.

Personal face to face Independent Financial Advice – the human touch

When you are subscribed to our system you have easy access to personalised independent financial advice from a life centred planner. Please refer to our ‘Operational Documentation’ on our website for our Service and Fee Schedule which provides full details of our services and fees.

When we meet, we can have more meaningful discussions about the things that matter because no time is wasted in factual data gathering. You can choose to meet in our offices or online whichever is the most convenient to you.

We can provide you with personal advice at a lower cost to conventional financial advice firms because you provide your information on line. This saves your time and ours and results in less cost and lower fees.

As registered Life Planners, we can help you with your Life Planning and life goal setting. We are ‘black belt’ accredited Voyant users which we use for life time cash flow modelling. These models can help you with your budgeting, financial independence planning, and life time gifting and spending. We identify your life goals and show you how you can achieve them.

We can provide you with specialised advice regarding your pension options including pension drawdown, annuities, and defined benefit scheme transfers.

We can prepare your Lasting Powers of Attorney and advise you on and prepare appropriate Trusts.

Financial tools


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Enhancements and Additions

We will be continually looking for ways and opportunities for expanding our online services. We are investigating how you can preserve and provide access to your online Legacy: Much of your life is in the digital world and you may wish to pass on your photos, memories of sentimental value, or your blog or website where you have provided social value and support. There may also be a financial consideration which could include access to crypto currencies like Bitcoin, advertising revenue, or your business websites which would be required by a new owner. In the future you will be able to book online group meetings and access webinars on financial planning topics. We are considering developing an online community where people can ask questions and exchange ideas.

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