Nyasia’s Story – Financial Planning Nicely In Place for the Rest of Her Life!

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A client of mine called Martin introduced me to Nyasia who became another one of my valued clients – every client is of course, valued by me and my team. Nyasia wanted some help completing her tax returns. At Interface, we’ve always provided a very comprehensive service for our clients including compiling and filing tax returns, something we’ve done for over 30 years now.

Nyasia had a very successful career. In fact, she was so well thought of that she’d received an OBE for her services to the community! As part of a Ugandan-Asian family, she had declined her family’s arranged marriage and instead, remained single.

A Client for Life

Once we’d organised her tax return, Nyasia decided she needed more financial planning and since filing her first return through our service, she’s become one of our key financial planning clients. Nyasia now has the advantage of all of our services, including lifetime cash flow, pension and investment advice. She was so happy with our service, that her brothers and the rest of her family are now our clients – and they’re all very successful people.

It’s good to know that Nyasia is now enjoying a financially-secure retirement and, with the additional bonus of having me there to help her whenever she needs financial advice!

Cynthia’s Story – When My Advice Isn’t Taken!

Cynthia came to me when she was pregnant with her first child and when I think back to our first meeting, it amazes me that today, Interface is now helping her thirty something year old daughter with her financial planning!

I was actually introduced to Cynthia by her uncles who were already clients of Interface. She’s second generation Windrush, and I’m privileged to be the financial advisor to the whole family.

When Clients Self-Destruct

Cynthia is a wonderful mother, with three lovely children but she not the best example of a financial planning client but it’s important to include her as part of my client stories section. I’d done my best for her over the years but unfortunately, she always seems to make self-destructive decisions and that means her financial future looks rather bleak! So this is not a success story and rather the opposite, but I don’t like to ever label my clients as failures! The truth is that not everyone will take heed of my advice, and, as the saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” As long as I know I’ve tried my best, I can do no more.

So why do I keep Cynthia on as a client? Good question – and yes, she is not what most businesses would call a “valuable” client in terms of income. However, I don’t work like that, and I am always loyal to my clients, regardless of circumstances! If I can help, I will help – even if I find some clients exasperating, you never know, one day, things might change.

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