As usual, nothing stands still at Interface Financial Planning.

Newsletter and blog_September 2019

As usual, nothing stands still at Interface Financial Planning. In September we had our two-day assessment for our annual certification for BS 8577 and ISO 22222 and as we expected we passed with flying colours. You may like to read the reports that we received on our dedicated web page: Putting relationships at the heart of financial planning

Spurred on by the success of our first in house video Your Financial Bucket which has now received more than 5000 views on social media, our second video was released a couple of weeks ago: The Three Hats of Financial Planning is getting a great reception. If you haven’t watched them already you may like to look and enjoy. Videos three and four are currently in the planning stage so expect more over the coming months.

Tom Moran has been with us for five months and he has already made a huge difference. He starts his apprenticeship training program with NMBA on the 7th of October at the end of which he will become a fully qualified financial adviser. I am sure that you will join me in wishing him every success.

We were both at the Nucleus Annual Conference in Manchester on the 19th of September which was truly inspirational with some amazing contributors. Nucleus has always put clients at the heart of its business, and I am so glad that I recommend Nucleus as the investment platform of choice for my clients. 

On 26th September the BACK2Y conference held at the ICC in Birmingham lived up to its reputation as The Conference for all Lifestyle Financial Planners. It was attended by people from all over the UK, from Australia, Canada, The USA, The Netherlands, and me. It was truly international, and I was spoiled because it was only four miles away and took me only 15 minutes by cab.

Before I sign off it would be remiss of me not to thank you for your wonderfully supportive comments to my pro-European newsletter and blog last month. Several clients said they loved my ‘passion’ and it seems that many of you are even angrier than I am and used words that are not appropriate to repeat in this newsletter – those who described our “so-called prime minister” as a “liar” and a “cheat” were the only ones that can quote. I will agree with Bojo about one thing – we are all fed up with Brexit – however his lie about ‘getting Brexit done’ is one of his biggest yet. If we crash out on 31st of October, you can all expect this to go on for another 10 years. The negotiation phase will be the most arduous and drawn out yet (and of course by then the UK or what is left of it will have re-joined the EU if we have anything to do with it). The best way to ‘get Brexit done’ is to revoke article 50 so that we can go back to how it was in 2016.

We can then get some important things done which have been ignored for over 3 years, and we can stop squandering billions on Brexit.

Please get in touch if you need anything or if there is anything that you want to discuss.

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