March 2015 – A busy month

When reflecting over the last month I couldn’t help but think of Harold Wilson when he said “a week is a long time in politics” and a lot has certainly happened at Interface over the last month.

I was pleased to be chosen as a ‘New Model Adviser’ and I was featured on the front cover of the professional magazine. Little did I realise how much time was going to be required by the pre-interview questionnaires, the intensive two hour interview with Tim Cooper, the follow up information, the photo shoot with Roger Brown on Barr Beacon on a cold Monday morning, and the discussions with editor Will Robins.

I became nervous about whether Tim had understood the way that I provide financial advice and I was apprehensive about what he was going to write. However I relaxed when I thought of the trust that my clients have given me over the years when they have relied on me to do the right thing and I realised that this time it was my turn to trust another professional. The front cover and a link to the article is on the front page of my website at and I will let you be the judge. Please let me know what you think.

There are a lot more exciting developments taking place at Interface. If you visit our website you may be intrigued by the new range of log in services available on your Client Login page – more about that next month.


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