July 2015 – What are your values?

What are your values? If anyone was to ask you, could you clearly state what your top ten values are? (And just as importantly what they are not!) Your core values are the underlying principles by which you live your life. When you live according to your core values you find that life is easy, you’re happier, less stressed because you are focusing on the values that are important to you.

My top ten values start with: ‘Integrity, Compassion, Respect, and Contribution’. I recommend that you log on to ‘Life Goals’ at www.interfaceifa.co.uk and pick out your top ten and see if they are compatible with mine. When you log on you will also see the other six of my top ten.

The Life Goals log on is my own creation and when you log in you will find that there are three other exercises in addition to Values. They are designed to be fun and to stimulate serious thought about who you are and what you want. At Interface I have spent 25 years helping my clients sort out their finances but what has been shown time and again is that it is just as important for clients to understand themselves as it is to understand their money. Hopefully the four exercise will help you to clarify and give you some direction and I hope that you will find them fun at the same time.

Last month I was in news again – published for the third time this year. Nucleus wanted an expert opinion on how to run a client centred business and their interview appeared in an article on ‘Illuminate’. You may like to read it at the following link: Six thoughts on back office systems.

Later this month I am being interviewed and filmed by Intelliflo so there may be another link to look at next month.


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