Interface Engages Expertise from throughout the UK and beyond.

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One of the wonders of technology and modern business practice is the ability to engage expertise from throughout the UK and beyond.

When I engaged my first employee over twenty years ago I was restricted by who was available within a reasonable travelling distance and when they were engaged they had to be kept busy from 9 until 5 to justify them being there. This often had the result that the work focused on ‘time filling’ instead of being productive. In addition, they had to do work which may not have been within their skill set so that they may not have enjoyed it or been very good at it. Sometimes work that I would have liked to get done got left altogether.

In today’s environment if I need someone with a specific skill to help provide a client or a business service, distance or location has become irrelevant. I can also choose to use that skill for a set number of hours each week. Everyone is a winner: the business gets access to the skills that are needed, the support member who is engaged is happy because he or she is doing the things that they are good at, and clients get an enhanced service where costs and fees are managed.

I would like to introduce you to some members of my team over the next month or so and this month I am going to start with Sarah Harvey who is my business processing manager. Many of you will already have had first-hand experience and I’ve asked her to say a few words about herself:

I started working with Interface in February 2016 under the title of Business Processing Manager. This job covers a multitude of tasks which involves liaising with clients directly. Alan is amazing and he makes working at Interface thoroughly enjoyable. He has some lovely clients and I enjoy the work that I do and knowing that clients are happy. I have been in the Financial Services Industry for 27 years and I have previously worked for several companies including AEGON and AXA. I live in Essex with my Partner Russell and our son Alfie who is 5. We have two cats and chickens and a pond with fish and several frogs. We are currently thinking of getting a puppy. The way we work at Interface is really enjoyable. For me knowing that I have met Alan’s and his clients’ needs is why I love doing the job that I do.

Sarah is lovely. I only work with nice people and she is just amazing. Our support team is shown on our website here. If you take a look you will see Sarah’s photo and her contact details. If you have any feedback about our service please let us know what you think.

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