I’m Excited…About Intelliflo!

I’ve had an exciting week! My son Tom and I went to London on Tuesday, for a conference at Intelliflo. Not only is it nice to get out and about every now and then but actually, Intelliflo always gives me a buzz! It’s a software system that’s used for financial planners – and rather than going on about software (I’m not a software geek, my son Tom, however, loves software and data), I’m going to tell you just why I love it and why my clients love it too!

Intelliflo is all about improving financial advisors’ service to clients and giving them extra value. I’ve been quite a fan of it for many years – and on Tuesday, I was even presented with a commemorative Rugby World Cup ball from Sir Clive Woodward for my client service (as was Tom). That’s how much I believe in the Intelliflo system.

Intelliflo is owned by Nick Eatock and was formed in 2005 as a Customer Relationship Management software (CRM). It’s a system that’s entirely online and 20 or so years ago, Nick was well ahead of his time. Today, Intelliflo services 50% of financial advisor firms in the UK. It’s the most successful software of all for managing clients in the UK.

Before Intelliflo, providing comprehensive financial planning to everyone who wanted it was a challenge because of the time and expense involved. Most clients who wanted to plan for the future couldn’t justify the cost – and I couldn’t justify charging them either. In fact, around 20 years ago, I started working with a software company called Truth who recommended that I charge £2,500 per client for providing them with life planning. For many clients, that was a dream – because £2,500 is unaffordable for a lot of people, but now, this type of service is accessible because Intelliflo has introduced an incredible new package called Intelliflo Planning.

This package gathers up all financial information for each client, without any manual input whatsoever. Any client can view their income, assets, liabilities etc and the data is transformed into a lifetime cashflow plan. This plan allows anyone using the software to see where they’re going to be in years to come, for young clients they can see what they need to top up and for older clients, they can see if they’re running out of money to live on – or, if they’re going to die with too much left over! It’s genius and it makes my clients’ lives (and mine) so much easier. That’s what I’m all about, providing solid information in an easy, accessible way. Plus, this type of accessible information is crucial for clients, so they understand what to do when making decisions, but when there’s a very big financial decision to make, they can still come back to our team for professional advice. We are always available for those types of decisions!

What’s more, this service costs nothing and soon every one of our clients will be able to see their lifetime cashflow for themselves. They’ll also be able to amend and update their information as they wish. All they need to do is login to their Interface account, and there is no cost for this service.

There are additions to the software every week and it makes our lives at Interface easier because we don’t have to spend time continuously updating data, which means we can spend time talking to clients about things that really matter. This makes our time more valuable to clients, not to mention that clients have access to their financial information in one place. They can see everything together rather than visiting different websites to see how their investments are performing, see the value of their bank accounts pensions and anything else 24/7 I love the software; it makes me excited!

So, thanks to Intelliflo, Interface is offering even greater value to clients, there’s so much information available at just a click of a button. Our clients see their progress, projections and can assess their financial future without asking us because it’s all there, safe and secure online. Furthermore, if they want to make changes quickly, they can and plan for their future better than ever before. Now can you understand why I’m excited?

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