Harnessing the Power of Outsourcing

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Today, I’m calling on all businesses to improve their efficiency using outsourcing, not only to boost their productivity and profit margin but also to deliver better service to clients and customers.  

Outsourcing is something that Interface Financial Planning has relied on for many years and continues to do so.  Quite frankly, I don’t know where we’d be without it, it has enhanced our success and enabled us to give our clients the best possible financial service, which is our ethos.  More on our vision below.

Our Vision

Now, many years ago, I worked with a brilliant man, David Scarlett. He’s an impressive man and he suggested I read a couple of books (knowing what an avid reader I am and how I love to educate myself!).  Those books were about the differences between good companies and great companies.  The most important point of difference is a company’s vision.  This resonated with me, because at Interface, we have a vision. Our vision is about being the best we can be and helping as many people as possible.  It’s not, believe it or not, just about making money and is about putting clients first.  

However, I am a firm believer that to be the best you can be, you need to focus on what you do best and surround yourself with a strong team.  I am a Financial Advisor and Life Planner, it’s what I do best.  I know that there are aspects of running my business that I cannot do myself.  So, to facilitate that vision, I use outsourced experts and I’ve surrounded Interface with a team of quite simply brilliant people meaning I can do my job while they do theirs. When I select people for my team, I make sure that we all share the same vision, and we all do – we want to help everyone we meet!

You Can’t Do It All!

Outsourcing works. A good example was something that happened this week (and what inspired me to write this blog).  For over a year, I’ve had technical problems with my IT system.  I found a young chap called Justin, a specialist in IT, who in just 48 hours, solved my IT problems – and took a weight off my mind!  He will now be my go-to for all IT issues and I’m delighted to have him on-board.  Those problems I just couldn’t deal with myself – and therein lies that bigger issue I briefly mentioned earlier.  

A lot of people who run a small business try and do everything themselves.  In doing so, they waste time doing things that they are unable to do, no matter how hard they try – instead of getting on with what they do best.  Just by outsourcing, problems can be almost immediately solved.  There are millions of people out there, all specialists in their own right, with the tools to do tasks that small businesses (and large businesses) don’t know how to do yet so many businesses are scared of outsourcing. I don’t know why! With the power of the internet, today, we can employ people from anywhere in the world!  I employ someone who takes care of my website and social media who lives in Oregon, the USA!  She’s worked for me as an outsourced team member for over 5 years now and does a super job. 

I have so many other wonderful team members, from Financial Services to marketing – even blogging and podcasting professionals.  Everyone who works for Interface provides an excellent service, and combined, we deliver what I believe is a premium quality service to our clients.  That’s the way we work at Interface but I’m afraid lots of firms don’t understand the benefits of outsourcing whereas I see it’s the way forwards for everyone, and it’s flexible too, for the outsourced person!

While I’d rather not bring Boris Johnson into my blog, actually, his speech this Tuesday at his party conference highlighted the inefficiencies of British businesses.  I believe that much of that could be improved if these businesses only looked to the future, the future of outsourcing (and digital service too which certainly deserves a mention).  I still deal with lots of businesses that remain rooted firmly in the last century!  I have companies frightened of using digital signatures, preferring wet signatures instead.  The truth is that digital signatures are far more secure!  I still have companies that send me faxes (can you believe that?).  Just this week, I had two companies (one a very well-known household name) send me physical letters to confirm an authorisation – that could have been done online if only they’d put the systems in place.  It held me up, held them up and wasted valuable time while I waited for a not very eco-friendly letter to arrive.

I am proud of how we work at Interface; I am constantly complimented by clients and other companies that work with us on our smooth processes and swift, efficient response.  I know that our clients value our service too and a lot of that is down to my outsourced team. If only everyone else understood the power of outsourcing!

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