Do You Want to be in Control of Your Finances?

Viewing Online Financial Help System

Well, do you? I bet you do! So, I have some great news for you and I’m not trying to sell you anything, this is purely for information (for my regular readers, you know how much I love sharing quality information). At Interface Financial Planning, we offer an online system to all of our clients (and our non-clients too) where you can see the values of all your investments, pensions, bank accounts, shares and all of your national savings (premium bonds and the prizes if you’ve won!) in one, easy, accessible place.

What the System Does

My system analyses your income and expenditure, so you know where you’re spending your money and you can instantly see if it’s matching your income or whether you have surplus. If you want it, you can also have our ongoing Interface support and we’re excited to tell you that there are more advanced developments to the system coming in October. The additional developments will help you to take even more control of your finances so you can see where you’re going, whether it’s in 12 months 5 years or further on. It’s easy to set up too, just create your account online and add the information required. The cost? A massive zero! You know me by now, I’m passionate about people being in control of their money!

It’s Unique

There’s a unique selling point worth mentioning, because if you’re using the system for your financial control, you can use it for that or for other things too – it’s up to you. You can have access to a system where if you’ve got multiple bank accounts (e.g., Santander, Barclays, NatWest etc.) you can see them all in one place. So, if some of your income is coming into different bank accounts, the tool analyses all of your money to your total income and your expenditure (travel, utilities, gifts, charity, household etc.,) and it’s there for you. Why am I mentioning it now? Well, a client discussed it with me last week saying they find the system invaluable, and the truth is, I haven’t really pushed it at all. It’s also worth saying that some Financial Advisors offer a similar service and charge £250 a month for it whereas we give it to you for nothing.

Need Something More?

While you can do all of the above yourself if you want additional help my team and I are here for you. We don’t charge much either! I urge you to have a look at our online help system for clients and read our Blogs from January 2019 .The cost depends on how much help you need and I have two tiers, ranging from £10 to £40 a month. People tell me it’s a great service, why not see for yourself and let me know what you think?

This system is something that I think I need to push further – do you want to be in control of your finances? If you do, all you have to do is have a look – you don’t even need to be an Interface client! While all this information is already available for all of our clients and if you are not a client, all you have to do is send us an email and we will set you up.
For further information review our online help guide at Our Online Help System – Life Goals & Getting Finances in Order (

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