Is Insurance as Reassuring as It Should Be?

Paper with an umbrella and insurance written on it. Man typing on a laptop.

Today I want to talk about insurance companies. This is a topic particularly close to my heart as, if you didn’t already know, I had a severe house fire earlier this year (hence my sporadic communication of late).We all go through years of paying insurance without ever making a claim and you have insurance in…

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Why your phone charger could kill you

two phones charging

This blog was written in March shortly after the fire at our home which caused extensive damage. We are happy to tell you that we are now safely settled back at home and renovations have begun including the completion of a smart new home office! Why Your Phone Charger Could Kill You Yes, I know,…

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Tim and Lillian – Planning for the Unexpected

slinky - flexible financial plans

When I first met Tim in February 1999, he needed financial advice.  He was introduced to me by another client and had never visited a Financial Adviser before, but he felt it was time to organise his finances and plan for the future.  Tim was married to Lillian (who he brought to our first meeting)…

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Meet Fred – A Windrush Success Story!

This is an interesting story about Fred, who’d come over from Jamaica on the Windrush when he was a teenager.  As you can imagine, he arrived with absolutely nothing and yet he’d manage to build up a significant investment portfolio independently with very little advice.  When he contacted me, he had recently retired and wanted…

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Zara’s Story – Managing the Money You Have

Piggy Bank savings

Managing the Money You Have Today, I’m going to tell you about Zara and while her story is of course, personal, you might find some of it relates to you, if you are in, or have been in, a similar situation.  Now Zara’s story wasn’t a unique situation and I’d seen it before, but I…

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Daphne’s Story – It’s About Lighting that Torch!

lighting the torch

Daphne came to my office for her first meeting just about 15 years ago. She’d had a successful career and a relationship “Down South” but the failing health of her mother had brought her back to her hometown, Birmingham to act as her mother’s carer for her last couple of years.  A Time of Change…

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