A Life Lesson

grass blown by wind at the sea

Lately, I think I’ve experienced a type of “burn-out”. Starting at 6.00am every morning and working 7 days a week has recently proved too much for me, especially at my age!  The problem that I find is when you’re working from home, the temptation to just carry-on working (because you can) is too much. Unfortunately,…

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Getting Excited about Funeral Planning

Woman planning her funeral

Funerals – not the happiest topic and neither is it one that you’re likely to get excited about, but actually, you can get a little “excited” about funeral planning and anyway, a catchy title means you probably clicked on it!  The FCA Is Regulating Funeral Plans There’s definitely one good reason to get excited about…

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Have You Put Your Will in Place?

Mother and child

No matter how many times I come across it, I still find it amazing, indeed shocking that two out of three adults do not have a valid Will in place. When you put it down to figures, did you know, that means that only 33% have a will? I often why the other 67% haven’t…

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The Importance of Values

Heart shape in hedge

Today’s piece is all about the importance of values and having shared values with the people that matter in your life. Alan tells me it’s an important topic and values affect all partnerships and relationships; friendships, marriages, family relationships and professional relationships too. Having similar values generally means that you get on rather well, whereas…

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How Excited Are You About Life?

flower in rocks

I’m feeling rather excited today – how about you? How’s life with you? Actually, this blog is about “life” and what you can do to really make the most of it. My name is Emma Crossick and I discovered that Alan is doing some super work in helping people to have more “exciting”, fulfilling lives.…

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