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Have you visited my website lately?  You may well have – we’re getting hundreds of hits a day, sometimes even more and that’s because it is quite literally a treasure trove of financial information!   The thing is, the website has done an incredible job in supplying not just my clients but anyone who drops in,…

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How Big Is Your Carbon Footprint?

If we care about the future and the type of world our children and grandchildren are going to be living in, then the how big is our carbon footprint question is one we should all be asking ourselves. I was in a conversation last week with someone and the subject cropped up.  The person I…

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Are You Ready for Ethical Investments?

Green Forest

This week I want to turn your focus to ethical investing.  It’s become a big topic for me, and it’s been especially on my mind over the past week – what with the extreme temperatures in the UK (in Northern Ireland especially), and the subsequent fires and floods. Worryingly, there’s been dams bursting and people…

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