Financial Advisers – The Common Misconceptions

Woman enjoying flowers

To be honest, I’ve discussed this topic before in my Financial Advisers and Financial Planners – What’s the Difference piece (you can access here) but it never ceases to amaze me how people just assume they really know all about what I do.  Most of them (the vast majority) get it so wrong and while…

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The Value of Listening

Large Ears Listening on Elhers Deer

I often talk about values and that’s because to me, they’re enormously important.  Everyone has values, if you don’t know what yours are, why not create your list? Once you’re in the flow, you’ll find you continue to add things to it!  One very important value to me is listening and I’ll tell you why…

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The Interface Philosophy Formula

Philosophy Statue - The Thinker

If you’ve read my blogs, listened to my podcasts, seen my videos or spent some time perusing the information on my website, you might have guessed that I’m quite a philosophical person.  If this is your first experience reading one of my blogs, then do read the others!  I believe they’re quite good fun –…

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My Passion for Learning and Education

financial education tablet and books on a desk

For those of you that do not know me personally, you might not realise that I have a strong passion for education and learning. I may no longer be what you’d call a “spring chicken” but that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to broaden my mind! My Education My own journey through education was an…

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The Way Interface Planning Works – And It’s Good!

Interface Financial Website on laptop

Chatting to Alan this morning, he decided that he wanted to talk to me about how he likes to work.  It’s a good set up!  I think you’ll enjoy hearing about it, especially if you’re new to Interface Financial Planning – or even if you’re a long-standing client. Alan told me that when he started…

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Alan’s son Tom joins Interface as a Trainee Financial Planner

We have some great news to announce this month: Tom Moran has joined Interface Financial Planning as a trainee financial planner. Initially Tom will provide an extra pair of hands which will help to improve our client service. One of his key roles will be client liaison, dealing with your secure messages, emails, phone calls,…

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A big thank you to my wonderful clients

I am left in awe at the amazing comments that clients have left for me recently. It makes me feel rather humble and exceedingly privileged to be working with such wonderful people. Please take a look on VouchedFor where you can search for me by name and read over twenty client reviews. A random sample…

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