Could You Have Hidden NS&I Premium Bonds?

British Pound

Recently, I’ve been working on an interesting project on National Savings and Premium Bonds.  I think it’s a great way for people to invest money.  Bond numbers can come up time and again, so once your numbers have been drawn, they don’t become obsolete, they go back into the draw again.  They’re tax efficient too…

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The Value of Listening

Large Ears Listening on Elhers Deer

I often talk about values and that’s because to me, they’re enormously important.  Everyone has values, if you don’t know what yours are, why not create your list? Once you’re in the flow, you’ll find you continue to add things to it!  One very important value to me is listening and I’ll tell you why…

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You Can Lead a Horse to Water

white horse

I love a good saying, and one of the ones that I find myself repeating time and again is “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” Usually, it rushes across my mind when I’m in the middle of a conversation with a client who’s umming and aahing over my…

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Stupid Things People Do With Money

Woman spending money online

Now this is a really important subject.  I’m not talking about losing crisp, fresh notes when you’ve been to the cashpoint.  Perhaps absent-mindedly not taking them with you because you’ve been busy concentrating on other things (although that’s incredibly annoying). Or dropping loose notes into an unzipped handbag because you think you’ll put them in…

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The Importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

mature couple

In the last piece that I wrote I stressed the importance of you writing a Will, (if you haven’t seen it, click here). Today, I want to talk about an even more important document – your Lasting Powers of Attorney. You see, I think that your LPA (that’s the shortened version of its name) is…

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Have You Put Your Will in Place?

Mother and child

No matter how many times I come across it, I still find it amazing, indeed shocking that two out of three adults do not have a valid Will in place. When you put it down to figures, did you know, that means that only 33% have a will? I often why the other 67% haven’t…

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Why I Do What I Do

Alan Moran Independent Financial Adviser Birmingham

It starts with the why…then the how…followed by the what! People often talk about what they do or even how they do what they do and perhaps I’ve been guilty of doing some of that in some of my recent blogs (have you read them?  Click here if you fancy a nose)!  The most important…

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Open banking and the opportunities for you

woman using online banking on mobile phone

The introduction of open banking is a great opportunity to put you in control of your money. At Interface Financial Planning we are set to take full advantage of open banking to enhance our client service and reduce their costs. This is a huge change to the way that your bank accounts operate, and it…

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