I’m Excited…About Intelliflo!

I’ve had an exciting week! My son Tom and I went to London on Tuesday, for a conference at Intelliflo. Not only is it nice to get out and about every now and then but actually, Intelliflo always gives me a buzz! It’s a software system that’s used for financial planners – and rather than…

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Martin’s Story – Friendship and Financial Advice

friendship and advice

I met Martin in the early 1990s and he was one of my first clients when I became an Independent Financial Advisor.  I was privileged to have Martin as a client and friend for nearly 30 years – but unfortunately, he died of COVID-19 in April 2020, and I still miss him very much.  Martin…

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Margo’s Story – It’s About People, Not Money!


Roll back 20 years to October 2002 and I had the privilege to meet Margo, a delightful lady who I am proud to still call my client today.   At our first meeting, I discovered that Margo had received a sum of money and was seeking sound investment advice.  She had already contacted no less than…

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You Really Can Make Your Dreams Come True – Zoe’s Story

Financial dreams

If you’ve ever doubted that you can reach your financial goals and make your dreams come true, this genuine client story about Zoe will give you the boost you’re looking for! Zoe is my wonderful client.  I first met her 25 years ago and she’s still one of my treasured clients (of course – all…

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Peter’s Story – Getting Out of a Mountain of Debt

mountain of debt

Here’s a moving story about my client Peter.  Peter is a client very close to my heart and I am delighted to say that I’ve managed to make a huge difference to Peter’s life.  His own story is an emotional one, a real rollercoaster and he’s had many challenges to overcome.  Yet, despite those challenges,…

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Why Everyone Should Register on the Government Gateway or Gov.UK

These days, more and more tools are being made available online so it’s a good idea to take advantage of what’s available. If you want to put yourself in control and have easy access to what the government has available, it is crucial that you register on the Government Gateway. This blog was prompted because…

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Understanding Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (and the others!)

cryptocurrency coins

Cryptocurrency – you’ve heard about it; it certainly creeps into the news more regularly than ever before and perhaps you’re even tempted to invest in it! However, ask yourself – do you really understand it? I’m constantly asked by my clients about it and just last week, someone suggested I write about it. So that’s…

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Are You an Ethical Investor?

Parent considering grandchilds future in a grassy field

With COP26 coming to a close just last weekend, I’ve been very focussed on sustainability, the environment and talking to my clients about Ethical Investments. Although, truth be told, Ethical Investment is never far from my thoughts because I do want to make a difference to my children, grandchildren, and the world. The thing is,…

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Do You Have a Lost Pension?

A couple looking up information on their pensions

This is a very important topic – for everyone, regardless of income or wealth, but possibly more so for the working generations, who may believe that they have no retirement fund at all. Did you know that in the UK, there are approximately 1.6 million lost pensions, worth approximately £19.4 billion, (some reports claim the…

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Are you a Vulnerable Client?

A person caring for a vulnerable client

Being a Vulnerable Person Could Make You a Target for Finance Scams – Be Aware! Earlier this year the FCA launched guidance for Financial Advisors relating to the fair treatment of vulnerable clients.  On the FCA website it states that their research showed that “27.7 million adults in the UK now have characteristics of vulnerability…

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