August 2015 – A new way to communicate securely

A new way to communicate securely and access your portfolio with Personal Finance Portal from Interface Financial Planning Limited.

Providing my clients with first class service and market leading technology which puts them in control.

Please register now to:

1.     Communicate securely – for you to send and receive messages and documents

2.     To access your short, medium and long-term finances online with PFP

Personal Finance Portal (PFP) is our revolutionary new app that gives you access to view all your finances in one place 24/7 – anywhere, on any mobile or web device. PFP enables you to view your fund information and financial portfolio at the click of a button. So whether you’re looking for an up-to-date valuation of your portfolio, want to assess how you’re progressing against your goals or simply wish to get in touch, PFP has it covered. There’s even dedicated mobile phone apps for iPhone and Android devices coming soon.

Secure messaging between us and you
Because email and post are increasingly open to being intercepted and we treat the security of the data you share with us with the utmost importance we have decided to use PFP as our preferred method for communicating with you. PFP provides you with a secure messaging service, so that you can quickly get in touch with us and have the peace of mind of knowing that any information you share is encrypted and completely private.

A secure document vault
PFP provides you with a secure document vault, so you can house all your financial documents online where they are secure and fully backed up – much safer and more convenient than the bottom of the filing cabinet.

Please register now
Register for PFP Now – simply click here:  and enter your email address or click the link from the Client Log in page on our web site: You will receive an email which will ask you some security questions and this will allow you to create a password and log in.

When you have logged in please upgrade to PFP Premium
PFP Premium is an additional service that enables you to collate information on your short-term finances like bank account(s), credit cards, loans and mortgages, together with your advised products, giving you powerful insight into your total net worth. Plus, you’ll also be able to receive alerts and insights into spending and saving habits so you can keep track on how you’re progressing against the goals you’ve set. This is the way of the future and I want you to be part of it.

I can sincerely recommend the Premier Service because I have been testing it with my family and we all love it. I know that it will help put you in control of your finances and it will help you so much that I have decided to pay the monthly cost of the premium service for all clients and I will cover the cost indefinitely. When you register for the Premium service you will be asked for your payment details to cover the cost of £1.20 a month but do not be concerned because I guarantee that Interface will pick up the tab and there will be nothing for you to pay. I have asked Intelliflo to remove the request for payment details for all of my clients.

By the way I am already running the App on my iPhone and iPad, it looks great and it will be available within a few weeks.

Want to know more? Read about our highest level of security at or contact me for further assistance.


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