April 2016 – Why create a plan for your life?

Why should you create a plan for your life?

1. Because there is power in planning. When plans are carefully thought through and written out, they tend to come true, whatever the obstacles.

2. Because a life plan can serve as a guide, helping you align your deepest values, beliefs and goals with your earning power and financial resources so you can realise your dreams.

3. Because by combining proven investment strategies and an honest, heartfelt life planning process, you are quite likely to get where you want to go.

Your financial life planning is vitally important and it needs to be continually reviewed. The pilot taking off from Heathrow didn’t make his or her plan six months ago and then go to sleep. They have to continually readjust in accordance with changing circumstances so that they get to where they plan to get to. Your financial plan is no different and if you want to stay on course it needs to be reviewed regularly. If you would like us to review your life time cash flow planning to see where you will be in next year, in 5 years, 10 years, and beyond, then give us a call to arrange a financial review.

The three points above are an extract from one of the Interface Financial Planning web pages. If you haven’t visited in a while I recommend that you take a look. When every day more and more is going onto the Internet and operating in the Cloud, Interface is no different and more and more facilities are being added all of the time. Why not take a look and give us your feedback using the Client Feedback link?

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