Announcing the launch of our on-line help system where you can set your life goals and get your finances in order

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I am delighted that our online service has been launched and I believe that it really is exciting times. It has taken a few years in development and It was originally conceived as an enhancement to the service that we provide to existing clients, however as it developed, we realised that it could be made available to all.

This system really does allow you to take back control. 

You are no longer dependent on someone else to tell you what to do, it allows you to go to your financial adviser and tell them where you are, where you are going, and what you need from them – many IFAs are going to hate it!

There are many services and facilities, too many to include in this news release, so I recommend that you view our brochure. I can guarantee that you will see nothing like it anywhere else and I believe that we are indeed unique.

All existing clients can log into their accounts where they can send us messages and documents securely, view their investment portfolio, link their bank accounts, view and download any of the documentation in their file, set their life goals and life planning, view their life cash flow models, access guides and videos, and many other services.

This service is available to all, even those who do not intend to use our independent financial advice service. If you already have an IFA, I can guarantee that they will have nothing like the service that we are offering so it will add to, and complement, what they are providing. You could even use our system to provide your IFA with the information that they need to provide you with advice. In addition, I believe that there is also a lot to be said for the ‘four eyes’ principle where you have someone available who can give you a second opinion or an alternative point of view, and by signing up we are available if you need us.

If you are a self-investor that’s fine too, because while we could provide you with investment advice if you wanted it, our online service will compliment and help you to make your own decisions. The service that we are offering is not simply about financial advice, and we believe that your financial life planning is much more than looking at your investment returns.

When you register for this service you have access to a life planning and goals setting system, a life time cash flow modelling system where you can see where you are heading in 5, 10 years, and beyond. In addition, you have access to many important ancillary services such as tax returns, Wills, LPAs, Trusts, and so on. Just as important, this is all in one place where things work together instead of being in multiple places where they work independently of each other, or worse still they conflict!

If you are an existing client and you need help with registration or access, please send an email and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

If you are a new client and you would like to register for our online services simply email us at with your full name, address, phone number, date of birth, and email address, so that we can add you to our system. We will send you an invitation to register by email (we aim to complete your request within one working day).

Why not read our brochure and see for yourself? There are two tiers of service and you can choose the one that is most relevant for you. As a bonus you can sign up for free and pay nothing for the first three months. Then you will only be asked to pay if you confirm that you believe that this service is of genuine value. We are confident that you will get a lot from it but if for any reason you disagree there will be nothing to pay.

I wish you all a happy and meaningful 2019 where I hope that our online service will make a difference and help you achieve the success that you are aiming for.

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