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Have you visited my website lately?  You may well have – we’re getting hundreds of hits a day, sometimes even more and that’s because it is quite literally a treasure trove of financial information!  

The thing is, the website has done an incredible job in supplying not just my clients but anyone who drops in, with everything they want to know about savings, investments, pensions, Wills, LPAs, buying property and so much more – that’s just the tip of the iceberg – and I’m delighted!  Well, guess what? With that information came an abundance of new clients.  So many new clients that I’ve recently put a notice on my homepage that says I’m at full capacity and not taking on new clients for the foreseeable future because I’ve more than enough, and in my heart, I think perhaps I’ve neglected my loyal clients because I’ve had so many requests for help.

Moving Over to Provide You With Even More Information

If you read one of my recent blogs, you’ll know that recently, I was involved in a car accident and that triggered quite a few events.  I also felt exhausted. Working so hard had led me to experience a ‘burn-out’.  So I took some time out and had a life re-think.  The upshot is that I’ve decided to pivot my business slightly.  I will still be looking after all of Interface’s loyal clients and continue advising everyone to the best of my ability, really focusing on their needs. As mentioned, I won’t be taking on any new clients, at least not for a while, and I’m going to breathe even more learning and education into my website, so it becomes a hub of financial information for everyone.  No one else is doing anything like this, and it’s giving me a real buzz!  You might not know but my passion is actually for learning and education.  I am a trained teacher and taught for 16 years so I’ve always been involved in educating others.  It’s providing knowledge and understanding to clients that drives me.

So you’ll soon notice my website changing – whereas most clients and advisors will think of website as a client generation tool mine is a place to learn and I’m determined to grow it even more.  Currently, without any promotion we have 2,000 YouTube subscribers, we have numerous regular blogs, lots of financial guides, podcasts, and lots more too.  Only last week, I commissioned a new guide about how to use your pension to buy a property – an area that that I do not intend to get involved in personally but if clients want to know about it, it’s there.

I’ve also got a new subscription to produce detailed information on other aspects of finance which I’m about to embark on and there’s just so much more I want to teach you about.  I’m going to get as much out there as I can and make financial information available to people easily.

Providing A Much-Needed Service

People might think it’s odd that I’m not taking new clients yet I’m providing free information and putting it on the website and elsewhere for everyone to see. I don’t think it’s odd at all, in fact, I think it’s a really valuable service. I hope that you’ll continue to visit my website regularly to learn how to manage your finances to the best of your ability and to enjoy living your life, with no financial worries.  

It’s Not About the Profit!

Only last week, I spoke to a gentleman from the FCA on the phone and when I talked to him about my intentions, he likened it to the phrase “loss leader” – which it isn’t, and I don’t like that term at all!  Frankly, I beg to disagree.  I’ve always provided an information and advisor service to clients regardless of financial return. Interface is a business that concentrates on people and making sure that they’re financially comfortable and happy too.  That’s what it will always do, because to me, people come first.  

Do let me know what you think of the information available on the website and keep checking back to see what’s new.  If there’s anything you’d like to see that’s not on there already, feel free to drop me a message.

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