A big thank you to my wonderful clients

I am left in awe at the amazing comments that clients have left for me recently. It makes me feel rather humble and exceedingly privileged to be working with such wonderful people.

Please take a look on VouchedFor where you can search for me by name and read over twenty client reviews. A random sample of their comments are as follows:

  • “Everything has been better than it ever could have been had I not taken Alan’s advice.”
  • “He gave me the support I needed … he is extremely knowledgeable and very patient.”
  • “I can honestly say that Alan acts in a very professional manner and I trust him impeccably with my affairs.”
  • “Alan has always been patient and generous with his time.”

The praise is much appreciated because it confirms that for the most part, we are doing the right things, but the constructive comments are equally as valuable. The constructive criticism shows where we can improve and how things can be done better. We are taking all of your suggestions on board and our service during 2019 will be better than ever.

We started our project to obtain your feedback a little apprehensively because we didn’t know where it would lead, however it has proved to be so useful that we will be requesting client feedback at regular intervals.If you receive a request for feedback, I would be grateful if you spent a few minutes of your time to help to make things better.

If you haven’t already commented on VouchedFor it would be very helpful if you add your comments by clicking the link: VouchedFor Adviser Review


On the same topic many of our clients engaged with the Dimensional Investor Surveywhich they organised last November, and last month we sent out an ‘internal’ email to selected clients to thank them.  I believe that their comments are worth repeating again here so that everyone can see them. The survey showed that for the most part we are on the right track and doing the right thing and we took on board the couple of suggestions for improvement.

The Dimensional Investor Survey asked: What is the best thing that your adviser does for you?And clients gave the following replies:

  • He is completely trustworthy and is a man of integrity, so his advice is always sought and taken.
  • Makes me feel like I am important
  • Explains things in a way I understand
  • Friendly and professional
  • Gives me confidence with my investments.
  • He has taken exceptionally good care of my pension scheme for which i am extremely grateful
  • Looks after my pension investment. I find the insights really useful too, to have everything in once place where I can see for myself the fluctuations and where I need to make adjustments in spending
  • Manages my affairs well
  • Understands me
  • Makes me feel confident.
  • Just being himself

Client Stories

If you would like to read some more depth client experiences take a look at Client Stories  where you can  read about the experience of Paul, Steven, and Sylvia. Over the coming months we are intending that more of your stories will follow. If you would like us to help you tell your story we would be delighted if you let us know.

I hope that you like the personal touch of this month’s newsletter. Next month we will return to more technical matters. If you have any comments or if there is anything that I can help you with we will be delighted to hear from you. Contact Alan.

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